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crashing into you...
that's my favorite thing in the whole universe
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9th-Oct-2006 07:33 pm(no subject)
me & pete
Hello everyone I'm Natalie. I am a troll and live in Halloween Town and... no offense, but mortals are the most hiddeous creatures I've ever laid eyes on! How do they take being so pale and don't start me on the tiny amount of hair!?

So... I got my acceptance letter today! I'M GOING TO WITCH UNIVERSITY! Sadly... we're stuck with so many boneheaded, loose-leaved idiots, I'll probably spend more time telling them to shut up than get any work done. Hopefully, it won't be like that; most likely, it will.

I hear Ethan, Marnie, and... Dylan got in as well. See you there!

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